Ebola Is in the News, but the Flu is Just around the Corner


Ebola has been the lead story in the news lately, and our hearts go out both to those who are bravely battling the virus and to the heroic health care workers who are putting themselves in harm’s way to care for …

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Did You Know? 31 Facts About Breasts


Last year during Breast Cancer Awareness month, our list of 31 Facts About Breasts was a big hit. Here it is again, with some updates for 2014. Enjoy!

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Now That You’ve Finished Treatment, Take the Lead and…Follow(-Up)!

Doctor with female patient

One of my favorite patients is a lovely Bostonian transplant to New York, a woman who has been cured of her early stage breast cancer but who worries about her health—from her lipid levels to her not-so perfect bladder suspension …

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What To Expect When You’re Having a Mastectomy


Are you, or is someone close to you, having a mastectomy in the near future? We developed The BFFL Co Guide to Mastectomy to help women and their families through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. It remains one of the most …

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Cravings: Not Just for Expectant Moms


We get mail on a variety of topics from our loyal Best Friends For Life community. Particularly fascinating, however, have been your reports about cravings. Though cravings are most often associated with pregnant women (the old “pickles and ice cream” …

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Cancer Clouds Forming? Look for the Silver Lining

Masthead logo

I have always been fascinated by the symbol of a Masthead—a strong female figure, head held high, chest thrust forward, perched at the bow of a ship to guide her fellow sailors through an unfamiliar and stormy sea as they …

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Will Colonoscopy Soon Be Obsolete?


The mere mention of the world “colonoscopy” sends me into a cold sweat. I have had only one of these screening tests used to find abnormalities inside the colon, and it’s going to take an awful lot to get me …

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Breast Cancer: A Family Affair


Should women under 40 worry about breast cancer? The National Cancer Institute puts the risk of developing breast cancer earlier than age 40 at less than 2 percent. For certain women with genetic predispositions, however, like those who test positive for …

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3D Mammography Allows Earlier Detection of Smaller Breast Tumors


Over the past couple of years there have been some significant developments in the area of breast cancer screening. One of the new terms we hear quite frequently is “3D Mammography.” Many women are wondering what it is, and whether …

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Why is this Cancer Patient Smiling?


Over the past year I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Massachusetts General Hospital BOTSOGO program, a collaboration with the government of Botswana to launch a cancer treatment center in the southern African nation. Dr Memory Bvochora, who …

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Is Excessive Texting Bad For Your Health?


My husband’s elegant and dignified grandmother always sat and stood ram-rod straight. Nana never suffered a broken bone or missed a conversation.  Her posture was often envied for its beauty, but now there is even more evidence that good posture …

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Think Twice – No, Thrice – Before Getting that Tattoo


One of the most difficult aspects of the preparation and planning of new patients for radiation treatments is giving them their “tattoos.” I tell them that we have to make a few tiny permanent markings on their skin with India …

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