Becker Hospital Review’s Tips for Increasing HCAHPS Scores

HCAHPS, or the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems, is a 27-item questionnaire designed to rate patient perspectives on eight key aspects of hospital care. The survey was created to generate a national standard for measuring patient satisfaction. Prior to the survey’s inception, a universal set of satisfaction standards did not exist.

HCAHPS scores are becoming a bigger and bigger deal to hospitals. Soon, the scores will mean even more. Beginning in October 2012, the Affordable Care Act will include HCAHPS among the measures to be used to calculate value-based incentive payments in the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program.

In a recent article by Sabrina Rodak, Becker Hospital Review put together four strategies to increase hospitals’ scores. We recommend reading the whole article, but the main points are these:

  1. Communicate clearly and often
  2. Collect and act on data
  3. Educate patients
  4. Make a positive patient experience part of the culture

BFFL Co, in its mission to improve the patient experience, works hard to help hospitals increase their HCAHPS scores. Many of the products included in BFFLBags will directly increase survey scores. White board communicators help patients communicate with doctors and nurses. Drain care instructions, drain logs and the important papers folder simplify discharge information and aid in communication about medicine. Earplugs increase the likelihood a patient will have a quiet night’s sleep.


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