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The pillows and care bags I purchased have been a life saver through my three surgeries. It was awesome to know I had my hospital bag ready and medical supplies onhand to care for my drains and incisions after I got home from my mastectomy. Thank you for what you and your company provide. I’m forever indebted to you all.

— Amber

A great bag full of fun and helpful items. Going through breast cancer is tough – this colorful bag and its contents still makes me smile.

— Joan

I had breast cancer and mastectomy 16 years ago and I wish that this bag was available then. It’s such a comfort to have all that you need when you go into the hospital. I gave this bag to my friend, Anne. When I visited her after her surgery, she had the pillow under her arm and she loved the Burts Bees lip balm. She even sent me a thank you note on a beautiful note card from the bag.

— Estelle

My wife recently underwent a double mastectomy and received this bag from a friend of hers who had also undergone this procedure. It was the perfect gift. The contents are well put together and beautifully presented. My wife was very moved by the thoughtfulness of the gift.

If you are looking for just the right thing for someone going in for a mastectomy, look no further. This bag had everything I needed and more! I love skinceuticals and all of the great stuff. I used the drain log and all of the supplies. This is a great, great gift for a friend with breast cancer. I also love the name Best friends for life.

— Margaret

Perfectly practical, thoughtful gift for anyone undergoing this type of procedure! My friend underwent this surgery and thanked me several times over for its content. They thought of everything!

— Heather

I purchased this product as a gift and it arrived right on time the recipient LOVED it. She especially found the underarm pillow and drain supplies helpful. She had read about what things to buy and thought she wouldn’t really need some things but this package was extremely useful and she loved it. Thank you for making products like this, for friends/family that want to do SOMETHING for a loved one going through a double mastectomy and aren’t sure what to get!

— Steven

To my great surprise, the duffel bag is good quality as are the separate zippered pouches, thoughtfully filled with quality and helpful items. As my friend described it: “It had so many things we needed and even more that we did not know we would need.” Even the nurses in the breast cancer center were impressed with its contents. From the two special support pillows (patients rave about them) to collapsible water bottle to sleep socks to post-surgical drain care materials to skincare products to toiletries to “amusements” to ear plugs and more. The creator of the BFFLBag truly thought of everything to make the patient experience better.

My sister-in-law just found out she must have a double mastectomy next month so I sent this gift. When it arrived, it was so well put together with so many useful and appreciated items. Carefully picked and packed with so much thoughtfulness of a woman’s needs after this type of surgery. My brother and sister-in-law were so very thankful for this gift they couldn’t say enough. Thank you for this amazing package.

— Donald

I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to you for taking the time to think of me during this difficult time. I had a chance to look through the BFFLBag before I went into the hospital for surgery, and I was amazed at everything you sent me. I plan to take many of the items to the hospital with me. I cannot express enough how appreciate I am for this very thoughtful and useful gift. You are wonderful and I thank you for everything.

I do not know where to start to thank you so much for the BFFLBag. I could not believe all of the items that were in there. I have to start with how much I love the pillow. It is like having a stuffed animal again. I sleep with it every night since my surgery. You thought of everything from the bandages, notepad, and notecards, playing cards and toothbrush, even a KIND protein bar. Again, many thanks for a wonderful product!

I receive my BFFLBag as a gift from the hospital, 2 years ago. I loved that red pillow so much, I bought 2 more, 1 for each of my sisters. We are all still using them, I sleep with mine every night. I have recommended it to everyone I know. Thank you for making such a great, supportive product. everyone should have one.

— Gladys

I woke up after my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy wearing one of your pretty pink bras! I loved it so much that I ordered another from your site so while one was washing I wouldn’t go without wearing one. It was perfect support for my drain tubes and I loved the velcro on the straps which made putting on and off the bra very easy! I guess I was one of the lucky patients because my doctor said they were samples given to the hospital at that time. I have 2 more family members going in soon for prophylactic mastectomies and I’ve recommended them to purchase this bra! Thank you for making my recovery much easier!!

— Ashley

I originally purchased Dr. E’s Vitamin-E Creme when I was looking for a cream to reduce the appearance of my scars after surgery and had been told that vitamin E is one of the best things for this purpose. When I began radiation, I learned that it is necessary to use non-metallic creams and lotions several times a day in order to protect the skin and minimize side effects. I contacted BFFL Co to ensure that “e” does not contain any metals. The Team at BFFL Co responded to my inquiry very quickly and assured me that it does not contain any metal. “e” has a nice consistency with a subtle scent. It can easily be used as a moisturizer anywhere to help reduce dry skin — as well as for the two reasons I got it for.

— Elaine

I ordered one of your BFFLBags for my friends struggling with cancer and she thought it was “Brilliant”, which is a big deal since she is a senior brand designer and is all about the look/design.

— Karen
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