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This [Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] is so great! I wish I would of had one of these when I had my kids! This is such a great idea & so helpful too!

This is such a great idea! I am a scheduled c-section for my pregnancies and am expecting in February. I’m glad that there is stuff in here for c-sections. I NEED that pillow! :)

Awesome idea- wish I had had something like this [Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] for my deliveries.

what a great gift this [Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] would make for an expectant mom..such an awesome idea :)

This [Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] is a great idea especially for first time parents because you are never really sure about what to take to the hospital with you. It would also make a really nice baby shower gift!

What an awesome idea. Wish I would have had [the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] when I had kids!

Great idea and any new Mom would be thrilled to have all the goodies!

I love this [Mommy/Delivery] bag! My daughter is preggers and this will make a great gift for her!

I wish I had one of these [Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag] when my kids were born! There is a little one on the way in the family and this would be a great idea for Mom since the focus is mainly on the dear little munchkin! This is an awesome idea!

My cousin who I sent the brain bag to was absolutely thrilled and has found it so useful while he recuperates at home. The gait belt, whiteboard, and grips were all amazing– my cousin would have never found them on his own. So hard when you don’t know what you need!

— Anne

Over the summer, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy. I was so scared that the lump I found had spread to my lymph nodes. It made me feel so good when my friend bought me the BFFL bag. Most importantly, it was such a thoughtful gift. The bag itself is so cheerful and fun – you have to smile. I had quickly looked through the contents but couldn’t really focus with everything going on. I just took it to the hospital figuring what ever I needed would be in the bag – and it was perfect!!

— Randi

I just wanted to let you know that my Uncle John loved his [lung cancer] bag. Everything is so helpful and useful. Such a wonderful way to help him out in this rough time.

— Caitlin

The narrow band is so comfortable for the patient. The plastic surgeon was thrilled to see it on his patient with expander reconstruction. The expanders were sitting so high, the [compression & stabilization] strap brought them right down.

— Breast Fitter in CT

I just wanted to let you know that my friend with lung cancer loved the custom bag! She was happy to receive it and I was glad that it put a smile on her face.

Hi Dr. Thompson, I just ordered the Breast Bag for a co-worker and good friend whose 24 year old daughter is having a mastectomy at Sloane-Kettering tomorrow. I have been an RN for the past 35 years and your breast bag is a bright and wonderful addition to helping women recover in a positive way from the emotional and physical effects of breast surgery. Well done!!

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