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“I can not tell you how wonderful it was to receive a Bffl bag prior to my surgeries for breast cancer. I love my pillow and even after healing from surgery I have my pillow on my bed and sleep with it nightly. On a recent camp trip I had to wrestle my pillow from my 6 year old grandson. He apparently loves it too! My duffel bag is awesome and all the wonderful supplies inside the bag from creams to notebooks to card holders and bandages……the list is awesome and made the whole experience of treatment so much easier. In the past for friends of mine with cancer diagnosis I have struggled with what I could do for them and now I know what I can do….Great gift of love from one friend to another!”

— Terri

I have to tell you. I absolutely LOVE the bag I just received. I am going to present it and talk about your company on Wednesday morning at my next BNI (Business Networking International) meeting.

The whole bag was great. It is a great pick me up for patients. All positive…

— Leslie (patient)

Just to let you know, the bag arrived today and I love it! It is so cute and practical! When I ordered it I was preparing myself for a purely prophylactic bilateral mastectomy. Yesterday I received a breast cancer diagnosis. So receiving the bag via FedEx delivery was a real treat. Thanks again.

— Joelle

I sent one of the Bffl bags to my friend Jane who was having surgery at Dana Farber. I was amazed at talking with her that she really had not had a lot of education or support heading into her bilateral mastectomy this week. Here is the email I got from her brother Jim regarding her recovery: ‘Dear Jennie – thank you so much. Jane did incredibly well, and she is continuing to recover. She should be going home tomorrow. She brought her amazing [Bffl Bag] with her to Dana Farber, showed us all, and mentioned several times how wonderful you have been to her. She (we!) are most appreciative! Thank you for everything. It means the world. XX Jim B.’ I am so excited that she took the bag with her to the hospital. It’s funny you sometimes wonder how much people really hear when you are working with them. This one was definitely a challenge since we our communication was either by phone or email. I also was never really sure if I helped her because she just seemed so overwhelmed each and every time I spoke with her.

— Jennie Tarica MSN, RN, Nurse Navigator, Sullivan Center For Breast Health

My friend continued to use the pillow through all her further surgeries.  She is currently cancer free and feeling really good.  I am delighted that I was able to show my support by giving her the gift of comfort via the pillow.

— Amy

My sister is having her lumpectomy tomorrow. Just knowing I could send her something from me and my brothers, was a huge relief. Thank you so much for overnighting the bffl bag to her.

— Andie

The drain care instructions and the organizer saved my mother. When she was in the hospital, the discharge nurses gave us instructions, but my mother was still under the influence of pain meds and did not register everything that they threw at her. I used the pad to write down some notes and then we went to the bfflco.com website. What a lifesaver.

— Carmen

I had breast cancer and mastectomy 16 years ago and I wish that this bag was available then. It’s such a comfort to have all that you need when you go into the hospital. I gave this bag to my friend, Anne. When I visited her after her surgery, she had the pillow under her arm and she loved the Burts Bees lip balm. She even sent me a thank you note on a beautiful note card from the bag.

— D.E.

My wife recently underwent a double mastectomy and received this bag from a friend of hers who had also undergone this procedure. It was the perfect gift. The contents are well put together and beautifully presented. My wife was very moved by the thoughtfulness of the gift.

— K.F.

If you are looking for just the right thing for someone going in for a mastectomy, look no further. This bag had everything I needed and more! I love skinceuticals and all of the great stuff. I used the drain log and all of the supplies. This is a great, great gift for a friend with breast cancer. I also love the name Best Friends for Life.

— Margaret

The bras are soft cotton with easy to button hooks,  I love their fit and feel and they finally solved my post Breast Cancer pain and discomfort problems.  I was depressed and my nails were broken and I was bald. My morale had hit zero when BFFL Co came to the rescue.  I had given up wearing bras and was wearing old worn out cotton Ts to bed and outside.  I was sad and felt less feminine than any time in my life.  Bffl co Masthead bras and their Vitamin e lotion let me know somebody loving understood me and wanted to help and even had traveled through that wasteland before me and made it!!!  If I were a billionaire I would donate every penny my family did not need to survive to helping further products like these amazing Cancer Recovery bras from this amazing company.

— Sandra

…donating to charitable organizations is great, but not as rewarding as knowing that you are actually helping someone through a difficult time. Purchasing these bags allows us to know that the money we are donating is going to help real people. Our $600 bought Bffl Bags for INOVA in Virginia.

— One of three high school girls who raised $600 for a breast cancer cause through bake sales and t-shirt sales

I wanted to let you know that the bag for [my friend] arrived today. I delivered it to her this evening and she was so appreciative. She had not begun to pack because she said she had no idea what she should take. She has two daughters 8 and 10 and she and her husband are taking them bowling tonight, just so they can have one last fun family night before she starts her battle with cancer. She only has cancer in one breast right now, but has tested positive for the cancer gene so they are doing the double mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. We are so grateful that we were able to give her a gift that would not only provide her with comfort and ease her hospital stay, but also eliminate the worry of trying to figure out what to take to the hospital. Thank you for the tremendous customer service you provided and going the extra mile to make sure the bag arrived in time for her to take it with her to the hospital.

— Anon.

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful heart pillow. I tucked it under my arm immediately and it felt so good!! Before its arrival, I kept saying I felt as if someone had kicked me in the armpit… probably from all the probing to get those sentinel nodes out. It is also a great prop for keeping my arm at a good height when sitting. Can you explain why they feel so good? Is it because the pilla allows the lymph nodes more space to function? Or perhaps, it is taking the pressure of the arm off the incision site?

— Sherry
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