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My friend, Debbi, brought the bffl bag to me after my surgery. It was so bright and cheery. I just had to write to you and let you know that this is the BEST idea! Better than flowers. Debbi and I played cards and I loved the wisp toothbrush—didn’t have to get out of bed. Keep up the great work.”

— Jackie

The pillow was the perfect gift for me after my mastectomy. It feels great and takes the pressure off my incision. My daughter came to visit me in the hospital and she borrowed it to rest her arm while nursing her baby!

— Ann

Thank you so much for the beautiful bag of goodies… all the items have been so useful (and for so many more reasons than they are probably intended for). The axilla pilla has come in handy, not only for relieving pressure under my arm, but as a cushion for my son to lie on (rather than on me) while we read books at night. He used to lay on my chest and this has been great at “keeping us close” while having him lie more on my leg or side than on my chest. He calls it his “breast” for mommy’s boo boo. The skin care has also been a savior. Not only has it been helpful in keeping my skin healthy, but for some reason my skin has become very very sensitive on the back of my arms (my husband believes a nerve must be triggered) and it is helpful in soothing it and making clothes, etc., less irritating on that spot.

— Karina

I wanted to update you on the pillow. It’s been 5 days since my surgery and I have used the pillow for about 3 days. I really like it. It’s soft and molds nicely under my arm. I like the heart shape, mostly because I place the “valley” at the top of the heart under my arm pit and it fits perfectly. The only time I find I need to make an adjustment is if I am sitting up as the pillow isn’t quite long enough to fit in under my arm and still reach the mattress. But, if I turn it sideways, it seems to work ok. I really, really like your product and have found it to be very helpful in my recovery. I want to thank you so so much for sending the pillows out to me so promptly. They arrived at just the right time.

— Dawn

THANK YOU for the wonderful bffl bag! It was such a welcome treat to have it arrive prior to the surgery. I brought some of the goodies with me to the hospital and I’m enjoying the axilla pilla right now. The contents are so useful and pretty to open and touch.

— Anne

My friend’s double mastectomy was put off for a few days due to more pressing surgeries (transplants.) She finally did have her surgery and continues to thank me about the pillow. It didn’t leave her side during the first few weeks, even with meds. She tells me it continues to be incredibly helpful right now in the car.
Thank you for all you have done!

— Amy

When I came out of surgery, all I could think about was the awful taste in my mouth. So dry. I wanted to brush my teeth, but could not get out of bed. I found the amazing toiletries case and there was a WISP. I had never seen it before. What a great idea! My BFFLBag was such a lifesaver. I used just about everything, especially the drain care stuff.

— Claire

My daughter gave me a heart shaped pillow after my back surgery. It was better than the narcotics at getting me comfortable in a chair. Thanks Bffl co!

— Brenda

I received a BFFL gift package and was moved to tears with its thoughtfulnes.

— Jacqueline

My friend sent me a bfflbag and I have not been without the axilla pilla for the last 2 weeks. I can’t wait to get my drains out.

— Julie

After my back surgery, I could not go anywhere without my axilla pilla. I used it in the car, in waiting rooms, and even to make it though my grandchildren’s swim meet.

— Daisy
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