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Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® Testimonial – Katrina

We are so grateful when women use our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® and want to share their experience.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Price: $60.00

The Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® has been featured in a blog post by the breast reconstruction authority, Kathy Steligo!  What an honor!  Click to read more:    

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Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® Testimonial – Lisa

We are so grateful when women use our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® and want to share their experience.  Lisa, thank you so much for providing this wonderful feedback!

Breast BFFLBag® Video

Dr. Elizabeth explains the carefully chosen contents in the Breast BFFLBag®.  

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Dr. E Demonstrates the Benefits of the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®

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Dr. E demonstrates the benefits and features of the Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® in this short video.

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Patient to Patient: How to Be a Best Friend for Life


Kevin with his axillapilla® and Brain BFFLBag®

My name is Kevin Bojarski and as anyone that knows roughly what this website is about, I am a pretty lucky guy. I will back up and try to give you a quick story about why I am here. Over 2 years ago I suffered an AVM (Arterial Venous Malformation) rupture. I just graduated college and started working at my first job and things were moving great. One day after work, I decided to go to the gym. I don’t really remember what happened that day, or the next 30 days after that, but I have learned stories after the fact. The story is that at the gym I started getting a massive headache and went into the locker room and went into a stall. A guy came in and asked me if I was OK. My response was just a bunch of gibberish jumbles. The man knew something was wrong so he went and got me help and really saved my life. End scene. Like I said, I have no clue what actually happened next and I am pretty sure that was a good thing. The only thing I slightly recall for the next one-month stretch of time while at the hospital/rehab center were just quick bursts, a few seconds of precious times that I actually remember.

One of the moments that I recall vividly was one at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington D.C. At this instant, I specifically remember getting a colorful bag given to me from another TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor and all of the goodies inside from my new Neuro/Brain BFFL Bag (the fluffy heart size axillapilla and a lip balm were, and still are, the ones I use from the bag all of the time). There were a bunch of other things inside that were used to help me in the early stages of my recovery. There were also tools that were in there for the caregivers as well. I wrote on the white board communicator, used the pill container, and I enjoyed the pictures, books and games,. You name it! That bag was essential at that time in my life and still is to this day!

When I received that bag I distinctly recall a man giving it to me. I do not know what his name was or even a rough outline of his face. What I do remember though was a phrase that he said out loud when he was there with me: “you’re going to get better.” I remember that phrase and tell myself that each and every day. Others that are on this journey with me get it, from patients that had this years before me and others that had it more recent know what it is like. The struggle is tedious. The problems and issues we face seem never-ending. But like the man who gave me my favorite lip balm told me, and I still tell myself routinely: you are going to get better. I promise.

Thank you BFFL for your support, encouragement, guidance and the bag!

– Kevin

BFFL Co Making A Difference

DoubleBreastBfflBag_nooilWe receive many letters of thanks for the products we offer from people who have used them or bought them for a friend or loved one struggling with cancer. We received this one recently, and were touched by the heartfelt gratitude and, more importantly, by the fact that our Double Mastectomy BFFLBag® and the BFFL Co Guide to Mastectomy were so helpful. This has always been our mission: To improve the patient experience. There’s nothing better than finding out we have done just that. Here’s what she wrote:

The BFFL Company Bag was delivered right on time. I have yet to open it since both my daughter and I are down with an ugly sinus infection, but I will be delivering it to her very soon. I just want you to know what a wonderful difference products such as this and your personal and kind help provide to cancer sufferers and their relatives. I would do anything for my daughter, but so far, except for accompanying her to appointments and doctor visits, I have been able to do little. This product – the thought of it, the hope of it, the kindness with which it was put together – has been so instrumental in providing a little relief to a grim situation.

I was especially impressed with your “The BFFL Co Guide to Mastectomy.“ For 25 years, I worked as an Instructional Systems Specialist – first for the U. S. Army and then the U. S. Coast Guard. Smaller service though it was, the CG, early on, was particularly good at realizing the great advantage of job aids, etc. Your Guide to Mastectomy is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it even includes a video that I plan to watch.

Ironically to us anyway, my daughter is an oncology nurse, having devoted 13 or more years of her working career to chemo and now radiation. She knows how to care for drains – I don’t — but I will because your video and instruction and her skill set and teaching skills will make sure I get one thing out of this experience and that is how to care for drains. My daughter also got me through a very tough year as my husband struggled with pancreatic cancer. Of course, he ultimately lost that battle, but my daughter was why I could keep his multitude of meds straight and other visiting nurses who patiently taught me were why I could ultimately administer infused antibiotics through a Smart Port twice a day. If you’re me, you think you can’t do these things. If you’re my daughter you not only know you can but you know how to help other people to experience that they can, too. I know you must get accolades and praise all the time, but just wanted to add mine. I think you’re fantastic!!!!

Sheila Shepard, proud mother of the best oncology nurse in the whole world!