Breast Cancer Survivor Gives Back

You may remember Jean Colicci from the passionate speech she gave in support of BFFLBags® on our YouTube channel.

“I didn’t know anything,” Jean told us, “No one explained to me what I was going to go through, and I think that [an explanation is] important to a woman who is going through either a lumpectomy or a mastectomy…It’s hard!”

Now Jean is on a mission to bring the support and comfort provided by BFFLBags® to women in need.

“I am a longtime member of the Rosary Altar Society of St. John the Baptist Church in Yonkers, New York,” she emailed us. “At our first meeting of the year I decided to talk about what I had gone through since being diagnosed in March. I began to explain about the BFFLBags® and how they were so helpful to me during my recovery.”

Other society members started to share stories about how they had been touched by cancer as well. They decided to start a collection to send a bag to another member’s relative. The response from the parishioners was overwhelming – soon they had raised over $500.

Jean was able to purchase several bags to donate to nearby Lawrence Hospital for distribution to women undergoing surgery. She will be working with Oncology Nurse Navigator Kate Gutekunst to administer this program.

Late last week, Jean came to BFFL Co’s warehouse to load her car with Breast BFFLBags® for Lawrence.  We had a great time chatting about her recovery and what the bags really mean to a survivor like herself.

Jean, whose generous spirit and boundless energy are contagious, doesn’t intend for this to be a one-off. “I’m hoping that this will jump-start a larger program there, and increase my role in providing support to other survivors.”

Many thanks to Jean Colicci and the good people of St. John The Baptist church!

Anyone interested in starting a program similar to Jean’s, please send an email to our Community Outreach Director Meg Rodriguez ([email protected]).

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  1. Brenda Melson says:

    Great story about the wonderful work Jean C. is doing! Love the “warehouse” photo.

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