Hospitals Score Mediocre Results for Postpartum Care Experience in BFFL Co. Survey

Majority of New Moms Did Not Feel Rejuvenated or Well Prepared for Transition to Home, Opening Door for Hospitals to Differentiate Care Experience

Scarsdale, NY, September 19, 2012 – Best Friends for Life (BFFL) Co. today announced the results of its recent online survey of mothers nationwide regarding their postpartum care experience. The survey responses showed that 75 percent of mothers did not feel rejuvenated and well prepared to take care of their infant when leaving the hospital. Almost 30 percent did not receive the excellent postpartum care to enable them to rest and heal. More than half responded that their hospital did not provide them with tools to help them feel prepared for their childbirth experience.

“Hospitals have an opportunity to differentiate the care experience they provide for new moms,” states Elizabeth Thompson, MPH, MD and CEO of BFFL Co. “Our survey helps hospitals to recognize that their institution can show expectant mothers they truly care.  By enhancing the patient experience, hospitals will be rewarded with higher HCAHPS scores and a busier maternity ward.”

The data also showed that nearly two-thirds of mothers would have liked their hospital to have provided more organizational tools and helpful items for use during or after their hospital stay. Thompson explains that in Europe, postpartum care is a priority, and expresses determination to elevate the care experience in the U.S.

“We must first uproot the notion that only concierge hospitals can afford to provide essential amenities to new moms,” adds Thompson. “Whether it’s providing stay-cold ice packs for painful incisions, nursing pads to prevent leaks and discomfort, or ear plugs to muffle noise at nurses’ stations, all hospitals can cost-effectively provide tools and thoughtful items to help new mothers to rejuvenate.”

About the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®
To improve the postpartum care experience, BFFL Co. has designed its latest product, the new Mommy BFFLBag®, filled with the items new moms need to recuperate. BFFLBags® are available online and a growing number of hospitals nationwide.

About BFFL Co.
BFFL Co. develops and markets products that improve the patient experience before, during and after hospitalization. BFFL Co combines proprietary medical care items with thoughtful personal products to enhance patient comfort, rejuvenation and empowerment while demonstrating the utmost respect for patient dignity. Learn more at

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