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The Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® has been featured in a blog post by the breast reconstruction authority, Kathy Steligo!  What an honor!  Click to read more:    

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Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® Testimonial – Lisa

We are so grateful when women use our Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® and want to share their experience.  Lisa, thank you so much for providing this wonderful feedback!

Ebola Is in the News, but the Flu is Just around the Corner

Ebola has been the lead story in the news lately, and our hearts go out both to those who are bravely battling the virus and to the heroic health care workers who are putting themselves in harm’s way to care for them. Earlier this month the Center for Disease Control (CDC ), in conjunction with the World Health Organization (WHO), estimated that over 10,000 people in West Africa have contracted Ebola since the epidemic began early this year, and almost half of them have died. Thankfully, there is news that new cases of the virus in Liberia have declined. (more…)