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BFFL Co Making A Difference

DoubleBreastBfflBag_nooilWe receive many letters of thanks for the products we offer from people who have used them or bought them for a friend or loved one struggling with cancer. We received this one recently, and were touched by the heartfelt gratitude and, more importantly, by the fact that our Double Mastectomy BFFLBag® and the BFFL Co Guide to Mastectomy were so helpful. This has always been our mission: To improve the patient experience. There’s nothing better than finding out we have done just that. Here’s what she wrote:

The BFFL Company Bag was delivered right on time. I have yet to open it since both my daughter and I are down with an ugly sinus infection, but I will be delivering it to her very soon. I just want you to know what a wonderful difference products such as this and your personal and kind help provide to cancer sufferers and their relatives. I would do anything for my daughter, but so far, except for accompanying her to appointments and doctor visits, I have been able to do little. This product – the thought of it, the hope of it, the kindness with which it was put together – has been so instrumental in providing a little relief to a grim situation.

I was especially impressed with your “The BFFL Co Guide to Mastectomy.“ For 25 years, I worked as an Instructional Systems Specialist – first for the U. S. Army and then the U. S. Coast Guard. Smaller service though it was, the CG, early on, was particularly good at realizing the great advantage of job aids, etc. Your Guide to Mastectomy is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it even includes a video that I plan to watch.

Ironically to us anyway, my daughter is an oncology nurse, having devoted 13 or more years of her working career to chemo and now radiation. She knows how to care for drains – I don’t — but I will because your video and instruction and her skill set and teaching skills will make sure I get one thing out of this experience and that is how to care for drains. My daughter also got me through a very tough year as my husband struggled with pancreatic cancer. Of course, he ultimately lost that battle, but my daughter was why I could keep his multitude of meds straight and other visiting nurses who patiently taught me were why I could ultimately administer infused antibiotics through a Smart Port twice a day. If you’re me, you think you can’t do these things. If you’re my daughter you not only know you can but you know how to help other people to experience that they can, too. I know you must get accolades and praise all the time, but just wanted to add mine. I think you’re fantastic!!!!

Sheila Shepard, proud mother of the best oncology nurse in the whole world!

Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Read our post on about how a blood test can help detect ovarian cancer early.Depositphotos_44647447_xs

Medical Test Results: When is a Positive a Negative?

LearDepositphotos_45110613_xsn how to decode medical test results in our blog on the Huffington Post!

BFFL Co’s Thompson on Fox Business Opening Bell Report

BFFL Co Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson was a guest on the October 10, 2014 edition of The Opening Bell Report with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News. Click here or below to watch the segment, in which Dr. Thompson weighs in on the high cost of cancer treatment.



BFFL Co in ABC Breast Cancer Awareness Story

abc logo

BFFL Co CEO Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson and Marketing Coordinator Caitlin Lopez were featured in an ABC Eyewitness News Breast Cancer Awareness story!



Woman’s Day Features Breast BFFLBag®

Womans Day Oct 2014 coverOur best-selling Breast BFFLBag® was featured in the October 2014 issue of Woman’s Day magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness Feature.

The editors recommended buying the bag-alone version striped duffel to carry to the gym as a sign of support for women fighting breast cancer. Thank you, Woman’s Day!




Fit Pregnancy


Look who discovered the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®! 

Johns Hopkins Magazine

JohnsHopkinsPageBFLL Co founder Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, who graduated from Johns Hopkins Medical School in 1993, was featured in the Class Notes section of the most recent issue of Johns Hopkins Magazine.


Click here for article.

More Magazine

MoreCoverBFFL Co. Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson was interviewed for a feature in the February issue of More magazine.







Prostate Cancer Screening and Treatment Options Topic of Fox News Segment

FoxMarketsNowimageProstate cancer screening and treatment options were the key topics discussed during a recent appearance on Fox Business News by BFFL Co CEO Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson.

Dr. Thompson talked to Markets Now anchors Dagen McDowell and Connell McShane about the need to increase men’s awareness of prostate cancer treatment options, including new developments in the areas of molecular profiling and hormonal therapy. Many physicians are customizing treatments to optimize outcome and minimize side effects. She also discussed the fact that men are often reluctant to talk about their concerns, particularly regarding side effects like incontinence and impotence. Click here to watch the segment.

BFFLBags® Featured on Fox Business TV

FoxBusinessshotBFFL Co founder Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson appeared in a December 9th segment on Fox Business TV called “A Better Patient Experience” in which she shared the story behind BFFL Co and discussed the features and patient benefits of BFFLBags®.

Click here or on image above to watch the complete segment.

BFFL Co Founder Featured in Story

Timecover10-28-13In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TIME photographed 15 womenwho chose to have preventative double mastectomies because their risk of breast cancer was very high.

Included in the story was BFFL Co Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson, who underwent the prophylactic procedure because her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all had breast cancer.

Many women carry the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutations, which can increase the risk of breast cancer by up to 80% and the risk of ovarian cancer by 45%. This prompts many women to decide to remove their breasts even before any signs of cancer. Those who test positive for the mutations also have a 50% chance of passing the gene to their children.

To learn more about the stories of these courageous ladies, read: Before Angelina: Portraits of Breast Cancer Previvors and Survivors.

Huff Post Publishes BFFL Co Article

huffpostlogoOnline publication The Huffington Post published BFFL Co Founder and CEO Elizabeth Chabner Thompson’s article Breast Cancer and Baseball. Read it here. Showcases Breast BFFLBag®

allparentinglogoPregnancy and parenting website has just published a feature story on our Breast BFFLBag®.  Click here to read

InStyle Magazine Recommends Breast BFFLBag®

Top fashion and lifestyle magazine InStyle selected the 2013 Limited Edition Quilted Pink Breast BFFLBag® to feature in its October issue’s Breast Cancer Shopping pages!


Limited Edition Breast BFFLBag® Featured in Denver Life Magazine

Denver Life magazine selected our 2013 Limited Edition Breast BFFLBag® to feature in its special edition for Cancer Awareness Month, A Woman’s Guide to Beating Breast Cancer.



Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® Recommended for A-List Moms!

AlistmomChic Mom blog site A-List Mom (formerly known as “Mamaista” reviewed the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag®, and gave it a perfectly manicured two thumbs up!

Mom Mart Praises Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® in New Product Review

Mommart2Popular mommy blogger Laura at Mom Mart recently gave our Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® an enthusiastic nod in her recent new product review! See what she had to say about BFFL Co’s premiere recovery product and how helpful she found it for the birth of her third child!


Neuro/Brain BFFLBag® Co-Creator Featured in J&J Nursing Notes

J&J Nursing Notes logoSara Kerr Reges, RN, Brain Injury Services at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) in Washington, D.C., who helped create the Neuro/Brain BFFLBag®, was interviewed for the July issue of Johnson & Johnson Nursing Notes. Sara discusses the inspiration behind the Neuro/Brain BFFLBag®, and how she feels the bags have helped enhance patients’ rehabilitation experience. Click here for interview.

Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® Featured on CBS-2 Maternity Monday

CBS2smallListen up, Princess Kate! BFFL Co Founder Elizabeth Chabner Thompson and the Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® were featured on a recent episode of CBS-2 TV’s “Maternity Monday.” For Dr. Thompson’s tips on how to return to “normal” after welcoming a new baby, click here.

CNN Anchor: Breast BFFLBag® “Never Left My Side”

ZoraidaCNNsmallCNN Anchor Zoraida Sambolin loved her BFFLBag® so much she tweeted about it!