Double Mastectomy BFFLBag®

Empower yourself or a loved one with the ultimate recovery kit! The Double Mastectomy BFFLBag® contains the essentials for breast surgery recovery and transition home: two of our specially-designed axillapilla® comfort pillows for support in the tender underarm areas; wound and drain care supplies; skin care gift pack (may vary); toiletries, organizing tools and instructions;  KIND healthy snack bars; and more. If you were to try to buy these items separately, it would take hours of driving around to multiple stores, and cost twice the price.

The beautiful, high-quality, reusable canvas duffel bag is brightly-colored to keep your spirits high, and spacious enough to hold clothing and other personal items. For many women, it has become their favorite gym or carry-on bag!

Each bag comes carefully wrapped and accompanied by a handwritten note card. A portion of each sale goes to a breast cancer charity.

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