Prostate BFFLBag®

What can you do for a friend or family member with prostate cancer? What can a patient do to prepare himself for surgery?

The Prostate BFFLBag® provides comfort, convenience and caring for men facing prostate cancer surgery.  It is chock full of all the things he’ll need for both the in-hospital surgical recovery and any post-surgical radiation or other treatment.  The BFFLBag® is a reusable high-quality duffel made of lightweight, stain resistant pack cloth. It has metal feet to keep the bag off the hospital floor, inside and outside pockets, and is roomy enough room for clothing and other essential personal items.

The Prostate BFFLBag® contains:

  • Axillapilla® support pillow
  • Arm extension grabber for increased independence
  • TENA® MEN protective underwear
  • discreet “newspaper bag” disposers
  • Foldable, washable water bottle and comfortable skid-resistant slipper socks
  • Wound Care Pack (supplies and instructions for incision care)
  • Toiletries Pack (everything from earplugs to a waterless shave kit)
  • Amusements Pack (cards, notecards, pad, pen)
  • Expandable folder for important papers and cards

Bag is accompanied by a handwritten note card.