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I woke up after my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy wearing one of your pretty pink bras! I loved it so much that I ordered another from your site so while one was washing I wouldn’t go without wearing one. It was perfect support for my drain tubes and I loved the velcro on the straps which made putting on and off the bra very easy! I guess I was one of the lucky patients because my doctor said they were samples given to the hospital at that time. I have 2 more family members going in soon for prophylactic mastectomies and I’ve recommended them to purchase this bra! Thank you for making my recovery much easier!! — Ashley

I originally purchased Dr. E’s Vitamin-E Creme when I was looking for a cream to reduce the appearance of my scars after surgery and had been told that vitamin E is one of the best things for this purpose. When I began radiation, I learned that it is necessary to use non-metallic creams and lotions several times a day in order to protect the skin and minimize side effects. I contacted BFFL Co to ensure that “e” does not contain any metals. The Team at BFFL Co responded to my inquiry very quickly and assured me that it does not contain any metal. “e” has a nice consistency with a subtle scent. It can easily be used as a moisturizer anywhere to help reduce dry skin — as well as for the two reasons I got it for. — Elaine

I ordered one of your BFFLBags for my friends struggling with cancer and she thought it was “Brilliant”, which is a big deal since she is a senior brand designer and is all about the look/design. — Karen

I was so excited to receive my BFFLBag® in the mail and already have it ready to go six weeks in advance of our due date. Our baby will soon learn what we all know – how lucky it is to be part of this family of incredible individuals. Thank you. My girlfriend who has a six week old now, just loved her BFFLBag®. She said it was the perfect thing to have for the hospital and after!

The immediate response from the wonderful Ladies at BFFL Co to my questions are PRICELESS and makes me feel so special! I am scheduled for my prophylactic bilateral mastectomy in April and already have the wonderful, bright, cheerful mastectomy bag. My doctor said I could you the Elizabeth surgical bra immediately after surgery instead of the velcro lined ones they provide! I am so grateful for this Company and tell everyone I meet about how wonderful they are. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

I found BFFL Co through the FORCE (Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered) website and several other blogs relating to “Previvor” options and experiences due to BRCA mutations. These are awesome gift bags so I don’t have to travel all over town gathering these items.

I wanted to pass along a note of thanks for your BFFLBag®! A friend, who is 37 weeks, received a Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® and she is over the moon about it. She and her husband told me that it is one of the best gifts they received. They were very grateful for both a “ready for going to the hospital” bag, as well as all the thoughtful items inside–they said they actually received a bit of an education through some items, as they hadn’t anticipated needing them. Because of this, she now feels like she is really prepared to not only go to the hospital, but have a smooth recovery, and this has really given her peace of mind in these final weeks. She asked me to pass along a fan note to you :-).

What a wonder bag of gifts – I can’t think of a thing that was missed. Record keeping page, AxillaPilla, All kinds of necessary information, Three cosmetic type bags filled with things for all types of personal needs, a DVD, lotions, anti-aging creams, notes, slipper socks – very soft, bandages, even candy & a nut bar, There is so much stuff in this one bag, I will find something new every day. They didn’t miss a thing. This is the absolutely the best gift I have ever seen for an operation! Thank You so much!

I sent your double mastectomy gift to my sister-in-law. She received it yesterday and told me she was crying all night (“in a good way”) because a friend of hers had given her a list of things she would need for her surgery, and practically every single item on the list was in the BFFLBag. She said she felt relieved that everything was in one place. No one wants to go through this and we are praying that this will be as quick and painless as possible as she is only 40 years old. One feels so helpless and your company provided comfort and necessity in time of uncertainty. THANK YOU!

Yesterday I interviewed a 55 year old breast cancer survivor. She was a patient of Dr. Ashikari (Dobbs Ferry Hospital). She told us about her experience from beginning to end and it was absolutely incredible seeing her strength. We asked her what had helped her most along her journey and she spoke of the nurses, support from her family and community and then she said ‘and the BFFLBag I got as I was leaving the hospital. It was the most beautiful duffel bag with so many things that helped me at home after my surgeries. Was just such a nice way for me to have a bit of help once the nurses were no longer with me.’ — AARP Researcher

I wear my bra even though I finished radiation months ago. I love it. — Sadie

My nipples were peeling and so sensitive. The lining on the bra was perfect and the cotton does not rub. It even washed well and got softer. Thank you. — Joyce

My breasts were so heavy and sore. Now I feel supported. — Maria

The bra is so comfortable, I even sleep in it. — Carol

I received a Mommy/Delivery BFFLBag® this week and it is fabulous! I’m so grateful for such a thoughtful and helpful gift, it makes the thought of labour less daunting to know I will have such lovely things to take in with me! What a fabulous company BFFL is! — Anna

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